Bulletin of Marine and Coastal Research

Vol 48, No 1

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Research Articles

Epipelagic copepod assemblage in the Gerlache Strait (Antarctica) during the 2015 austral summer PDF
Alan Giraldo, Maria Isabel Criales Hernández, Mauricio Jerez Guerrero, Diego Fernando Mojica Moncada

Growth parameters of Cardisoma guanhumi in the department of Magdalena, Colombia PDF
Luisa Francisca Cardona Acuña, Néstor Hernando Campos, Elkin Hernández Rolong

Fishes associating with shallow water echinoids at Roatán, Honduras PDF
Floyd Edward Hayes, Sierra J. Trogdon, Sean T. Richards, Christine Graham, John C. Duncan, Antonio I. Robles

Gorgonian octocoral community at Varadero coral reef in the Colombian Caribbean: diversity and spatial distribution PDF
Nelson Manrique Rodríguez, Claudia Agudelo, Adolfo Sanjuan-Muñoz

Long-term variation (2002-2016) in mesozooplankton density and composition indicates a regime change on Margarita Island (Venezuela) PDF
Alfredo Gomez Gaspar

Fishes found in mesophotic environments of Bajo Frijol, the shallowest portion of the Corales de Profundidad Natural National Park, using CCR technical diving. PDF
Luis Hernán Chasqui Velasco, Juan David González Corredor

Definition of Environmental Units of Analysis: alternative method as a basis for environmental zoning of marine-coastal ecosystems PDF
Leonardo Javier Ospino Sepulveda, Angela Cecilia López Rodríguez

Revision and update of the checklist of copepods (Crustacea: Hexanauplia) of the Colombian Caribbean PDF
Santiago Gaviria, John Dorado-Roncancio, Michael J. Ahrens


Sandstone reefs in the Gulf of Salamanca, continental shelf of the Colombian Caribbean PDF
Sven Zea, Gladys Bernal, Gloria López, Marion Weber, Rocío del Pilar García-Urueña

Hydrocarbon contamination in mangrove sediments of the Mira river estuary, Colombian Pacific coast, affected by crude oil spills PDF
Ostin Garcés Ordóñez, Luisa Fernanda Espinosa Díaz